Bit Giga is changing the way brands and consumers communicate by redefining the complex mobile ads industry.



Our mission is to help developers and advertisers be successful on mobile.

By using in-feed and native formats we keep users engaged with app content. This means there are fewer bad clicks, and better performance for advertisers too!

Introducing Bit Giga Tiles

Beautiful advertising

Bit Giga enables publishers and advertisers to execute beautiful ad campaigns in mobile apps in a custom and flexible format.


Bit Giga's platform let's you take advantage of the new medium of mobile and insert ads in the stream of your app. This has resulted in 3-4x better results that existing formats; and it's proving to be a lot more popular with users!


You'll be able to select the ads that appear in your feed without losing the look and feel your users are used to.


Bit Giga is building the future of mobile ads worked.

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